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Why is our Vitamin C+ Firming Serum an Outstanding Serum?

Dr Glow Girl here –
Just a gentle reminder about why our value-priced vitamin C+ Firming serum is such an outstanding serum. (Just in case your glowy complexion and all the compliments you get on your skin regularly aren’t quite enough of an explanation, Glow People.)

NO WATER. Nope, we’re not cheap and we’re not going to use water in this serum. Ever. We promise!

L-ASCORBIC ACID. This is simply, hands-down, the most effective form of vitamin C for your skin. No need to be metabolized before it can be used to do what it does best: Star in the fabulous Broadway production that is Collagen Synthesis. Who are the understudies? C-esters, MAP, SAP, TAP and every other derivative form of C that isn’t L-Ascorbic Acid.

CORRECT pH of 3.5. To really penetrate the skin, lovely L-Ascorbic Acid likes to reside in a lush, warm, slightly acidic, pH of 3.5. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry advertising themselves as a “vitamin C cream” is so yesterday, my Glow Wonders! Creams have a high pH of 5 or above. L-Ascorbic Acid is not effective at a high pH. So…we’ll pass on yet another bunch of hokum formulas.

GLYCOL as FORMULA BASE. Penetration is everything in skincare. L-ascorbic acid, so lovely and effective, is even MORE lovely and effective when paired up with a glycol base. Is that L-ascorbic acid getting down deep where it needs to go? You betcha!

DARK AMBER GLASS BOTTLE. Ok, ok, it’s true L-ascorbic acid is a pretty picky diva of an ingredient, Glow Girls and Boys. First, no water allowed (only champagne), then the “OMG what about my perfect pH” thing, AND then the “I’ll only partner with handsome Glycol leading men.” And now this: Yes, another requirement – a dark environment, safe from the sun’s rays. Well, just wow, but at least this is easy-peasy to accomplish with our pretty, vaguely retro amber glass bottles!

Feeling wise, Glow Girls and Boys? Maybe even a bit superior for making such an intelligent skincare choice? And for just $39 a bottle when those other water-filled, wrong pH, clear glass bottle peeps are charging $89 and up for inferior products; of course you should be feeling brilliant. Even maybe glowing a bit?
Don’t EVER run out, darlings! Check your supply and if you find yourself running low, just click here to instantaneously be taken to our lovely vitamin C+ Firming product page. And don’t forget to share with all your BFFs on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We DO appreciate all of our admirers helping us get the word out about this super fab product.
Always Glowingly Yours,
Dr. Glow Girl

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