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What’s the P53 gene and why is it important? (Hint: protection from skin cancer)

This is such great news!!!! And remember, adding antioxidant protection under your sunscreen boosts your level of protection from DNA damage caused by free radicals that are formed when the sun hits your unprotected skin. Using vitamin C+ Firming serum or CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex are perfect for gaining that added protection.

Entering the age of the ‘super sunscreen’: Study highlights protection against cancer

By Andrew McDougall+, 10-Oct-2013

A study carried out by researchers in Australia has opened the doors for the development of ‘super sunscreens’ to assist in the repair of sun damaged skin and protect the p53 gene which helps to prevent skin cancer.

One thought on “What’s the P53 gene and why is it important? (Hint: protection from skin cancer)

  • Dr. Glow Girl

    Dr. Glow Girl here. I am so happy to read this news and know that my P53 genes will continue to have the ability to beat back mutated rogue cells at every turn! Why? Because I use sunscreen and wear glamorous hats regularly. And of course, I enjoy daily (and nightly) antioxidant protection since I use vitamin C+ Firming serum in my skin care routine.


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