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Tips for Applying Wrinkle Relaxers for the Best Results

Thankfully, for those of us who shy away from wrinkle-relaxing injections, there are topical wrinkle relaxers. (And for those of you who are not shy, it’s nice to have your injection results prolonged for a few more weeks, yes?) Cellular Skin Rx offers two choices in wrinkle-relaxing topical serums: Original Relax-A-Line™ and ULTRA Relax-A-Line™. The original formula is for less developed lines and the ULTRA for deeper, more fixed lines. However, both must be applied properly to achieve success in smoothing out pesky facial lines.

Here’s how to make sure you get the results you want and need:

1. Look into a mirror.

2. Express yourself! Smile big, frown hard, pucker up. While you practice this strange form of Method Acting, watch carefully to see where and when lines are formed -especially the ones that stick around even after you quit making the expression.

3. Once you have identified the culprit expression, you’ll want to locate the muscles that are creating the lines. So make the expression a few more times and observe carefully. Generally, the muscles that create the line will be on either side of a vertical line or above and below a horizontal line. Most frequently identified areas for treatment: between the brows, across the forehead, crow’s feet, and above the upper lip.

4. The areas on either side or above/below the line are where the relaxer needs to be applied. Many users focus directly on the line but it’s the muscles surrounding the line that need to be told to take a nice nap. Don’t waste your lovely serum, a tiny amount will be sufficient to treat the muscles you are targeting.

5. Now that those muscles have been relaxed into a slow-moving trance state, it’s time to work on the line they have formed. This is quite simple – plump it, fill it, smooth it – with a good moisturizer. (Look under By Category on our Home page if you need a few suggestions.) Because our wrinkle relaxers use a hyaluronic acid base, the moisture will be pulled deeper into your skin, the hyaluronic acid molecules (which hold 400x their weight in water) will swell, and overall, you will have achieved a smoother, less lined appearance.

6. Remember, don’t skimp on the frequency. For the first 30 days, you really DO need to apply twice each day. Once you are past the first month, you should be able to maintain results with once a day use.

Hopefully, these pointers have been helpful. Please write me if you have questions or comments. I love hearing from my Glow Girls!


Dr. Glow Girl

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Applying Wrinkle Relaxers for the Best Results

  • Sylvia

    Do you have anything for the neck?

    • Dr. Glow Girl

      Hi, Sylvia, Thanks for writing us. At this time we do not have anything for the neck. But in about eight weeks we will have a moisturizer specifically designed to treat neck sagging and circles. Although no topical can do what a simple neck lift can, moisturizing and firming the area can certainly contribute to a smoother, more youthful appearance. Currently, the most effective we have available that can be used on the neck (as well as the face) is our new Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer.

  • Sophie

    Your post gives some very useful tips on using wrinkle relaxer and how to get the best result. Thanks for sharing useful tips.


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