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Spring Cleaning for your face? Yes!



Shop soon to SAVE.


Hello, hello, hello. Dr. Glow Girl here, emerging from the latest polar vortex to experience, dare I say it, Spring? Glorious Spring? Could it be? I dare say – I think it’s finally here. And what does Spring mean to Dr. Glow Girl – besides emerging flowers, tender green grass, and perfectly tiny buds appearing on all the trees? Spring cleaning, my dears. No, not boring old closets but rather, your complexion!

Winter can leave a layer of dull, dead skin cells sitting on your face, masking your skin’s natural radiance. Thankfully, it’s easy to exfoliate away those tough old cells, treat and protect the newly emerging fresh-as-a-daisy new skin cells, and then water regularly – oops, I meant moisturize to dewy perfection.

Plus, you can SAVE 20% off of your entire purchase when you do! Use COUPON CODE PICK3GET20 when you checkout. Choose at least one product from each of our “spring cleaning” categories: Exfoliation, Treatment Serums/Antioxidants, and Moisturizers.

It’s so easy: Choose three and save 20%.

So how does this facial spring cleaning work exactly? First, you must remove the old and tired to reveal new, fresh skin cells. Which EXFOLIATION product should you choose:

  • CSRx Polishing Grains – the completely natural and physical method of removing dead skin
  • Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum – let this glycolic/lactic acid serum loosen up those hard, dull cells so removal is as easy as splashing your face with warm water the next morning.
  • Ultra Gentle Surface Peel – a gentle method that uses hungry enzymes to eat up and dissolve away old cells and moisturize the new ones, too.

Next, those precious newly-revealed skin cells need a little boost, a little oomph to encourage more growth and protect just emerging baby cells. Choose a product from the following TREATMENT SERUMS listed or our ANTIOXIDANTS category to complete this phase of your facial Spring Cleaning.

  • C+ Firming Serum – to encourage collagen synthesis and protect from free radical damage that causes hyperpigmentation and other skin problems.
  • F*a*C*E Synergy Serum – to lighten and brighten a complexion that is struggling to achieve an even tone due to melasma, old acne marks, and blotchiness due to sun damage
  • ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum – if you’re over 50, chances are your epidermal master skin cells could use a booster shot to up their new cell production and the cells that are being produced could use some DNA protection
  • Stress Recovery Complex – Stressed everyday? Have a tough job, toddlers running every which way, not sleeping much? Regardless of what creates your stress, the cortisol released is damaging to your skin. Stop premature aging from cortisol with this powerful complex.
  • CSRx Antioxidant Complex – Protect your skin from EVERY free radical intent on aging your skin. Bad diet, too much sugar and alcohol, sunlight, smoking, pollution – each creates its own special free radical and no free radical is a good free radical! Wear this under any other serum for added protection.
  • SuperMax™ MultiPeptide Skin Solution Serum – Six powerful peptides stimulate collagen production, relax tense surface muscles that cause crepiness and stop inflammation before it starts. Don’t have time to layer serums? This is the serum to choose.

So you’ve picked out how you’re going to remove your old skin cells and how you’re going to stimulate (“feed”) the new ones. Now it’s time to protect it all with one of our luxurious, silky MOISTURIZERS. Maintaining your skin’s lipid barrier is probably the most important step you can take in preventing future skin problems. Don’t let problems in and don’t let the good stuff out- moisturize!

  • Calming BioLipid Repair Creme or Calming BioLipid Repair Fluid – These elegant formulas calm and repair even the most sensitive skin. Depending on your moisture needs, choose the fluffier creme or the lighter weight fluid. Both are perfect for buffering acidic products like Retin-A that can cause skin to practically molt.
  • Intensive Eye Therapy Creme or Firming Peptide Eye Creme – The delicate eye area is especially in need of protection -and treatment – as skin in this area is quite thin and tends to wrinkle and show age more quickly than other areas of your face. If you need major moisture and are ready to treat visible crow’s feet, choose Intensive Eye Therapy Creme. If your eye area is not too dry and just beginning to show signs of emerging crow’s feet and fine lines, choose Firming Peptide Eye Creme.

So are you ready to glow again, Glow Girls (and Boys)? Eager to watch your skin flourish again after this small bout of spring cleaning? Well, Dr Glow Girl says Pick 3 and save 20% now.

What will Dr Glow Girl choose for her three products? Ultra Gentle Surface Peel, F*a*C*E Synergy Serum, and Calming BioLipid Repair Fluid, darlings!

What will Grace here in our office choose? CSRx Polishing Grains, CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex, and Firming Peptide Eye Creme.

What will YOU choose? Just remember to use Coupon Code PICK3GET20 to save 20% on whatever personal group of products you choose to encourage your face to be coming up like roses (or peonies, or freesia, or tulips, or violets) by May. It’s so easy- Exfoliate, Treat/Protect and Moisturize!

Enjoy the emerging Spring!

Warmly, Dr Glow Girl

P.S. Don’t forget – with every new purchase, you’ll receive a FREE sample of our lovely new natural Cleansing Oil! Such a relaxing experience – enjoy!




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