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Specialty Serum Sale

Sometimes you DO need a specialist. Two of our specialty serums are on sale now: SuperMax MultiPeptide Skin Solution serum and ULTRA Relax-A-Line™ Maximum Wrinkle Relaxer serum.

SuperMax MultiPeptide Skin Solution serum combines SIX engineered peptides to firm, smooth, and relax wrinkles. It’s your one stop shop for peptides. If you don’t have the time to layer serums, choose SuperMax and you’re one your way. (Compare with a certain Dr.’s neuropeptide lifting serum.)

ULTRA Relax-A-Line™ Maximum Wrinkle Relaxer serum uses three different wrinkle-relaxing peptides to smooth lines caused by dynamic muscle movement. The three peptides block nerve signals so muscles contract less frequently and with less intensity. The result: a smoother, younger look.

If you’re already using our best-selling C+ Firming serum or our new CSRx Transforming Infusion, 10% Niacinamide Concentrate, or ANY of our treatment serums, consider adding a specialty serum to your routine to address specific skincare issues and save!

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