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Luxury Brand Triple Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Serum Gel

1 Fl Oz (30ml)


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Limited Stock Available

Serendipitous! We have, once again, gained access to a limited supply of one ounce dropper bottles of triple molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum gel from a luxury skincare brand. Yahoo!

We were able to obtain a similar serum almost two years ago from the same luxury skincare brand. This one is by the same manufacturer but it is an even better formula. We have limited stock available so shop soon. (Please note that a paper label will be on each bottle. We cannot reveal the brand name. We are hoping to get this product added to our regular product line. Wish us luck in our negotiations!)

This serum gel contains small, medium, and large molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Why is a triple weight molecular HA better than a single weight HA?

Large weight:  Moisturizes the surface of the skin while forming a barrier to prevent loss of moisture.

Medium weight: Hydrates skin cells below the surface improving elasticity and reducing
the appearance of wrinkles.

Small weight: Delivers hydration at the deeper level promoting cell growth.

Also, remember that all weights of HA can absorb 1000x their weight in water. This helps to plump skin and keep it super-hydrated. Hydrated skin is best able to repair and protect itself from damage.

IMPORTANT TIP: Top off with a moisturizer if you are in a dry, low humidity environment for even better results.



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