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Masking is GOOD for your skin.


MASKING – Good for Protection and Your Skin

By now, we all know why wearing a mask helps to protect you and your loved ones from contracting Covid-19. I’ve been wearing my masks from www.MugMask.com whenever I leave the house for my once a week grocery store (minefield) trip.

I also wear them on my morning runs while being careful to stay out of any fellow runners’ or bikers’ slipstreams. I am religious about sunscreen use, sunglasses and big brim visor use whenever I am outside so I didn’t expect that the mask would make any difference.

I have to say, I was wrong. Now that I wear a mask anytime I’m going out of the house, I’ve noticed my skin looks better. I wondered why and of course, had to do a bit of research on it. I’ve concluded that:

  • A mask is better than sunscreen at protecting my skin from incidental sun exposure.
  • Running in the mask seems to be slightly exfoliating. Maybe from the slight movement of the mask against my skin?
  • Breathing my CO2 rich, warm, humid breath into the mask seems to be keeping my skin more humidified plus CO2 is a known anti-ager. So maybe I’m giving myself a “baby running facial” each time I run with my mask on?

Sounds incredible doesn’t it? I’m just grateful there’s a side benefit (besides keeping me and others healthy).


My hair is a mess which no mask can hide. But my hats do. So I’m in a mask and a hat and sunglasses – completely incognito. I look ridiculous when I leave my house. BUT, this incognito thing does have some pluses.

No one can see I didn’t even put lipstick on.

No one can see that bad sleep has left me with dark circles under my eyes.

No one can see when I’m astonished at the “5G causes coronavirus” conversation going on six feet away from me.

And that Brad Pitt look-a-like neighbor has no idea I’ve been blowing him kisses for the last five minutes. (Okay, I don’t really do that last one.)

Quarantine necessary products ULTRA-Relax-A-Line and Original Relax-A-Line wrinkle-relaxing serums AND Full Appeal Face Plumping Complex are on sale now to keep the lines and grooves away until you can see your cosmetic dermatologist. 

ALSO we are continuing to offer personal size Hand SanitizerS as our FREE SAMPLE with purchase until supplies run out.

Stay safe and healthy, Glow Girls and Boys! Thank you to you all for your support during the coronavirus crisis.



Need an excellent source for reuseable, attractive fabric masks? We’ve got you covered.


Professional seamstress who lost her job due to COVID-19 is making durable, washable stylish fabric masks with origami-pleats and an envelope insert for filter paper. If you don’t see that your favorite design is available, keep checking back as she is working every day to make new inventory.

Remember to #WashYourHands and #StayAtHome. #Masks4All


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