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Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (also known as palmitoyl pentapeptide, Dermaxyl, Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000) is an engineered amino-peptide that when added to a culture of fibroblasts (key skin cells), stimulates collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycans production. These are the key components of healthy-looking skin. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by increasing hyaluronic acid and collagen production, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (PO)is a synthetic protein that is a fragment of collagen combined with palmitic acid to make it more lipophillic, to improve its stability and to enhance its affinity towards human skin. As with Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, one could look at PO as a man-made precursor to collagen. PO was developed through research to identify a substance that would behave similarly to retinoic acid but without its drawbacks, especially in regards to synthesizing collagen. The reported results are as follows: In vitro: Increases collagen production by the fibroblasts by as much as 350%. Increases hyaluronic acid production by the fibroblasts by as much as 146%. In vivo: The following statistics were gathered using image analysis of volunteers who used crèmes containing a 3% concentration of Biopeptide-CL for 28 days. Surface roughness — Reduced 17% Mean depth of wrinkles — Reduced 23% Depth of main wrinkle — Reduced 39% Skin thickness — Increased 4%. The increase in skin thickness was considered especially notable and contrasts with the 6% reduction of the skin thickness that occurs after 10 years of aging. PO is a potent active cosmetic ingredient without the adverse effects (including irritation, dehydration or long-term toxicity and instability) characteristic of retinoids. Used in CSRx Lip Remodeling Treatment, Intensive Eye Therapy Creme, Firming Peptide Eye Creme,  and Fresh Pout Lip Balm.

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