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Best Stories from Customers about their Favorite Products.

Hello, Glow Girls!

As I relax on a cushy chaise lounge, I have enjoyed reading comments from Cellular Skin Rx Glow Girls (and Boys) who wrote in during our 10th Anniversary month a few weeks ago. Several were quite touching and all were very much appreciated. Thanks again to all the lovelies who wrote in. I have assembled the comments here for your reading entertainment. If you have anything to add, use the comments section after the blog. Meanwhile, Happy Reading to All!

  • “…My story:I’m a 61 year old with large pores and normal to oily skin.  I live in Florida and have brown spots from sun damage on my face and neck.  While visiting a friend in Denver, Colorado I noticed her glowing, clear skin and asked what her secret was.  She replied that she uses Cellular Skin Rx C+ Firming Serum on her face every morning and it has made a great difference in her skin tone and texture.  Her dermatologist recommended this product due to the high concentration of stabilized vitamin C.  The dark glass bottle protects the product.  I used her product during the visit and ordered my own bottle when I returned home. Now I’m a dedicated user as well.  Every morning, following cleansing and toning, I put 3-4 drops into my palm.  I put my palms together and turn my hands back and forth a couple of times to distribute the drops to both palms.  Then I pat the product on my face and neck, gently pressing until it’s well distributed.  I allow to dry for a few minutes then continue with my makeup primer. Here in humid Florida, I don’t need additional moisturizer during the daytime. I think my brown spots have lightened since I started using this serum and I love the texture of my skin!  I highly recommend Cellular Skin Rx C+ Firming Serum…”
  • “…I have been a faithful user of C+ Firming Serum for the last 4 plus years and going. I was diagnosed with a medical condition known as “facial neuralgia” 22 years ago involving the right side of my face. The condition causes weakening of an individual’s facial muscles over time. About 6 years ago, I began to notice facial sagging below my eye and upper check area. I tried numerous products over time, but all failed. During one of my searches, I saw this product on the Cellular (Skin) RX website and it’s advertised promises. I placed an order to give the product a try. I considered (it could be) another hoax at the time. I used C+ Firming Serum as indicated. After continuous use for almost 6 months, my facial sagging began to diminish. It’s remarkable how the product has changed my total well being. With a limited income, it’s been hard  for me to reorder sometime when needed to keep my accomplished success ongoing; I just pray I can continue to be a user of Vitamin C Firming+Serum. Thank you Cellular RX for changing my life…”
  • “…I have been using this product (CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex) for quite some time ( a little less than a year) and have had real results, I use it in combination with the C+ Firming Serum and have to say that I am thrilled with the results!  I have two sisters which live in a different state than I do and when we got together this past Thanksgiving they were blown away at how good my skin looked, of course I shared my secret (reluctantly 😉 jk!  One of the great things I noticed is I recently became pregnant and with all of these hormones floating around in me, I have been able to keep my appearance pretty consistent to prior to getting pregnant (no crazy acne, spots or extra wrinkles from worrying about the baby!)  I am totally in love with this product as well as most of your others, I recently just tried the Natural Cleansing Oil, geez where’s this been all my life!  LOVE IT!!!  I am not twenty something and steadily approaching 40 and have to say that I TRULY don’t look my age and I know it’s all because of  your wonderful products!  THANK YOU CSRx, you’ve kept my appearance young and radiant! (and my hubby loves you for it too!)…”
  • “…Thank you very much for your amazing skin care products. They are the best for women of 35 and older…My favorite is CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex. I feel satisfied both physically and emotionally after using your products. Happy Anniversary!..”
  • “…I seldom take the time to review products, however, I am taking the time to share my testimony about the Celluar Skin RX formula C+ Firming Serum.  I’ve been using this product each morning for several months, and it has become my favorite skincare ritual.  I only need to apply 3-4 drops for an allover face application, so the formula lasts a long time!  I love the fact that C+ Firming Serum has stabilized Vitamin C, so I trust the potency of this firming and antioxidant formula!  It goes on easily, smoothing, firming and protecting my skin – and a testimony, yes, my skin does glow, and at 50 years old, I have to say I’m very pleased with my skin’s appearance!  Thank you, Cellular Skin RX for an awesome and affordable product – you can count on me as a continued  repeat customer! Happy 10th Anniversary!..”
  • “...I’ve been using C+ Firming Serum for years now. I stopped using it for a period of time and tried several other brands. Well, when I went back to C+ Firming, I was amazed by the difference in my skin! I will never use anything else. It works and the price is right! Thanks for an awesome product!…
  • “…My favorite product is the CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex because it smooths my skin and after 2 weeks of use, I see a real difference : it has a real firming effect and it brightens my skin. Have a great day…”
  • “…I wanted to let you know that I love Cellular Skin RX’s Intensive Eye Therapy Crème.  I have been using it for a while now, about 2 years.  I have gone away from it and tried other eye creams, however I always winded up coming back to Cellular Skin’s Intensive Eye, because it’s the best I have found out there.  It really works to bring moisture and smoothness to my entire eye area.  My concealer glides on over it and stays all day. Thanks for making great products that work...”
  • “…I love C+ Firming serum because when I looked weary with bad skin condition, I tried many products but useless. Finally,  C+ Firming serum saves me. It makes me glow again….”
  • “…Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! My girlfriend gave me a bottle of SuperMax MultiPeptide Skin Solution Serum because she started using something else and I LOVE IT!! I’ve tried Murad and Mario Badescu serums (hated the first, liked the second) but loved loved loved yours! I can feel and see the difference in my skin and at 64, that means a lot!!! …
  • “…I’ve used and loved many Cellular Skin Rx products but my hands-down (face-down?) favorite is CSRX Antioxidant Defense Complex.  The texture and vivid coloration of the product make it a pleasure to apply …. and if there is one Cellular Skin Rx product with immediate results, this is the one.  Within a few days, your skin feels smoother, is more even-toned and — i’m not exaggerating — actually glows! There are no miracles in skin care, but this comes very close!…”
  • “…I remember the first time I used C+ Firming serum. It was a sample that I got when ordering my very first order ever which was Relax-A-Line. Oh my, I got such redness on my face! I called up and you told me, that this is normal, don’t worry, and do not use it if I am uncomfortable. I stopped using the product.  NOW, you would have to hold me at gunpoint to stop me from using C+!! I know it is one of the best products for my face and I use it religiously. I don’t really remember why I started using it again, chances are, it was because I called about some other product, and you encouraged me to try it again. I cannot thank you enough for always taking the time to explain your products, with the trials and proof to back it up! Thanks for being there, and making great products!…”
  • “…I am writing about two favorites, because they both work so well! I have been using your products for several years now and I will not change companies. Relax-A-Line topical wrinkle-relaxing serum literally works longer and better just after a week’s use for me. It gives just enough “lift” and prevents me from frowning.  I also use the CSRx Stress Recovery Complex every time I need it. I can feel and see the difference. When I first tried it, I could not believe the relaxed feeling in my face! It was remarkable. I also appreciate the generous samples you send with each order. Thank you for all that you do and provide for your customers….”
  •  “…I have been using your products for over a year now. I am using CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex in the morning. I use Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing serum and C+ Firming serum at night and Firming Peptide Eye Creme. I notice that my skin has improved  a lot and I receive tons of compliments from my friends, even now my husband wants to use these products too. I have recommended Cellular Skin Rx to my friends. Thank you for making such wonderful skin care products….”

More to come later, Glow Girls! Wasn’t that fun! Warmly, Dr Glow Girl

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