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it’s almost Spring….. let’s celebrate with a February Pop-Up Sale coupon code SAVE20 get 20% off ends Midnight TOMORROW *large custom sizes are not part of this sale #LoveYourSkin advice:If you’re feeling like your skin is looking good overall but you still have problem areas, consider a spot treatment product. ULTRA Relax-A-Line and Original Relax-A-Line will soften lines around eyes, across your forehead and above your lips. Full Appeal Face Plumping Complex adds volume and contouring where you need it. Remember these products have an additive effect so you can use less and less over time while maintaining your results. […] Read the full article »

Valentines, get $10 off of our #2 most popular product! Ends Midnight Sunday.

show your skin some love….. special pricing this weekend only get $10 off Coupon Code LOVE10 CSRx Transforming Infusion 10% Niacinamide Concentrate bounce spring resilience brightening get gorgeous fast review: “An amazing product! I think this may be the product that has done the most for my skin, ever. Results were visible from day one. It enhances the glow from C+ and adds overall firmness. Having used it for only a few days now, it’s already my #1!”    #valentinesday #loveyourskin Read the full article »


Yikes! Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday, soooo, looks like we have six more weeks of winter ahead. Darn it, Phil! Cold weather and indoor heat can dry your skin out in a snap. Feeling irritated around the corners of your mouth? Patchy dry spots on cheeks and forehead? A bit red? Is your skin looking a bit dull? These are all signs that your skin needs some help. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dry skin can’t repair itself so make sure that your protective lipid barrier is maintained 24/7. When skin is properly hydrated, your skin’s natural repair and renewal […] Read the full article »

Get Your Glow On in the Dark? YES! With our brand new THE MULTIPLIER™ Hi-Performance Vitamin C Serum.

Get your glow on, in the dark! 🙂 We’re so excited to welcome a NEW vitamin C “get your glow on” serum to our anti-aging product family! This one is recommended for night-time use. Say HELLO to The Multiplier™: Hi-Performance Vitamin C Serum! 3x the penetration – all the way to your skin’s deepest layer, the dermis. 2X the collagen synthesis of regular L-Ascorbic Acid. Stable, oil-soluble, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THDA) and Ferulic Acid are the power couple in this elegant formula. Naturally fresh smelling, the texture is more of a lotion. It’s formulated with a higher pH, perfect for even […] Read the full article »

Masking is GOOD for your skin.

5/11/2020 MASKING – Good for Protection and Your Skin By now, we all know why wearing a mask helps to protect you and your loved ones from contracting Covid-19. I’ve been wearing my masks from www.MugMask.com whenever I leave the house for my once a week grocery store (minefield) trip. I also wear them on my morning runs while being careful to stay out of any fellow runners’ or bikers’ slipstreams. I am religious about sunscreen use, sunglasses and big brim visor use whenever I am outside so I didn’t expect that the mask would make any difference. I have […] Read the full article »