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ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Recipes for Gorgeous Skin and a Coupon Code

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some healthy holiday recipes that are great for your skin. What you eat and drink definitely affects how your skin looks. These are tasty AND skin-nutritious! PLUS, we’ve provided a Coupon Code that saves you 20% until Monday at Midnight. Use THX20 and save 20% on all your Cellular Skin RX favs. While you’re shopping, snap up a few bottles of our limited availability TRIPLE Hyaluronic Acid gel serums. These are perfect for locking in moisture during the cold weather months. Enjoy the holiday weekend, Glow Girls and Boys! Pumpkin Perfection Look for bright colors when making food […] Read the full article »

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Labor Day Sale

Save 20%. 36 hours only.

36 hours only. Save 20% until Midnight Tuesday when you use Coupon Code LABORDAY20. Relax and enjoy the holiday weekend! And save, too. #LoveYourSkin Product Category Suggestion: Exfoliation and Cleansing Fall is on its way and summer skin needs a big refresh. Remove dead dull skin with any of our three exfoliant choices. Do it super fast with our powerful acid peel: Big Reveal Polishing Peel. Two minutes flat to glossy skin. Have more sensitive skin? Slowy and gently each night is the way to go with our Age Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum. Prefer a physical, 100% natural exfoliating experience? […] Read the full article »

Independence Day Sale Starts Now. Use Coupon Code JULY20 and save 20%

Getting ready to have a lovely holiday with family and friends? We are, too. While you’re trying to decide what to put on the grill this year and remember where you stashed that special potato salad recipe, take a quick minute to consider which of our fabulous anti-aging, antioxidant wonders you’re going to need to have on hand this summer to thwart the abundant sunshine and its deleterious effect on your lovely glow girl or boy visage. Of course both of our vitamin C serums – C+ Firming and the Multiplier – are our first picks. L-ascorbic acid and Tetrahexyldecyl […] Read the full article »

Valentines, get $10 off of our #2 most popular product! Ends Midnight Sunday.

show your skin some love….. special pricing this weekend only get $10 off Coupon Code LOVE10 CSRx Transforming Infusion 10% Niacinamide Concentrate bounce spring resilience brightening get gorgeous fast review: “An amazing product! I think this may be the product that has done the most for my skin, ever. Results were visible from day one. It enhances the glow from C+ and adds overall firmness. Having used it for only a few days now, it’s already my #1!”    #valentinesday #loveyourskin Read the full article »


Yikes! Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday, soooo, looks like we have six more weeks of winter ahead. Darn it, Phil! Cold weather and indoor heat can dry your skin out in a snap. Feeling irritated around the corners of your mouth? Patchy dry spots on cheeks and forehead? A bit red? Is your skin looking a bit dull? These are all signs that your skin needs some help. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dry skin can’t repair itself so make sure that your protective lipid barrier is maintained 24/7. When skin is properly hydrated, your skin’s natural repair and renewal […] Read the full article »