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NEW REVIEWS! Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex adds fat back where you want it.

You can plump and fill, adding cushioning where you want it, just like injectable fillers but more slowly. Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex adds back volume where you want it to restore a younger, fresher look.  Get your cheekbones back, Glow Girls and Boys!

Our latest review for this topical filler (no needles required):

  • Jennifer:

    I really love how my face looks fuller and more youthful after using this. I’ve been using it for months and months and really don’t want to go a day without it. I can really see a difference especially under my eyes.

  • Carolyn:

    I am the least gullible person on the planet and a tough critic. I finally decided to give Full Appeal a try and am so pleased with the results; it is now part of my skin care routine. I use it on the nasolabial area and below down to my chin as well as my entire cheek area. It really does create a fuller face which does wonders for shaving off some years! You have to massage it in until it drys. Go for it!

Want to plump and fill with Full Appeal™ Face Plumping Complex? Find out how here! 

Patricia has a few other things on her mind….namely, how to use your skincare products properly to get the very best results. Yes, she’s sort of ranting…

Hello, Glow Girls and Boys – Cellular Skin RX devotees…..Look, I have to be frank here. If you won’t use your fab-u-lous Cellular Skin RX products properly then they simply won’t give you the results you’re looking to get.

I have conversations with many clients weekly where I learn that they love their C+ Firming serum and yes, they have the same bottle they purchased three months ago and it’s half full and how great that is. Girlfriend, that bottle should be EMPTY now and that’s if you’re using your C just once a day. I’m not saying get sloppy with your serum but if you don’t truly cover your face and neck with all that collagen-producing-inducing l-ascorbic acid, you’re not going to get the C “glow” and collagen synthesis simply can’t occur. So don’t be stingy – use each serum exactly as directed on the bottle. Our clients know we don’t sell products that don’t work. We’re not about hype. We’re about active ingredients and visible results. So, do use as directed, please, and voila, you’re going to be looking young and fresh.

One other thought before I sign off – Frequency and following a regular routine is key to attaining the complexion you want. Generally for most of our products that means regular once or twice a day use for thirty days in a row – minimum – to see results. I have had some lively conversations with clients who used their products for three days and then “I didn’t see any change so I quit using them…” and it makes me so sad. They’ve spent the money and together we’ve spent the time developing a routine and figuring out what will work best for them and then….kaput…it’s all down the drain. Don’t let that happen to you. Just like brushing your teeth twice a day, take care of your skin twice a day. I can assure you, in a month’s time, your complexion will be changed for the better. Glow Girls and Boys, your skin is worth it!

Okay, I’ll stop now. Except…don’t forget your sunscreen! And please, please call me at 512.633.5223 if you have ANY questions about your routine and/or how to use your products correctly. I’m here to help and I LOVE discussing all things skincare.

Have a great day everyone! Stay cool!