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Save now plus lots of new interesting skin care information
Save now plus lots of new interesting skin care information
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Boo! It's almost Halloween...Save 10%
To keep your skin protected, firm and smooth, it's radiant best, consider adding CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex to your routine. It can be layered under any other skin care product (including our vitamin C+ Firming serum) and provides protection against ALL free radicals. That's a big statement but it's true. This bright orange complex incorporates 18 different antioxidants to keep your skin protected from free radicals created by what you eat and drink, and by free radicals that are generated by external sources like UV radiation and pollution. Add it to your routine now and save 10% off of the regular price when you use Coupon Code Boo10 at checkout.
CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex is on sale now.
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Cellular Skin Rx has several products on sale now. We also have coupon codes available to help you stay within your budget and look good!  LIKE  our page on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Pinterest or Twitter and save 15% on your entire order. Once you LIKE or FOLLOW us you will receive a coupon code by email within 24 hours.  SuperMax MultiPeptide Skin Solution Serum is on sale for $49.50 (regular price: $58.00). Facial Cleansing Oil is on sale for $21.00 (regular price: $26.00) Use Coupon Code FACE20 to save 20% on F*a*C*E Synergy Serum.

The latest topic? How the Sun Sees You. This ultra-fascinating 3-minute YouTube video by Thomas Leveritt shows how the sun sees your skin. Take a look. It's a real eye-opener.

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We share interesting skin care information every day on our Pinterest boards, Facebook page and on our Twitter and Google+ accounts. If you missed the original postings, no worries! We are keeping this information in a new website section called "Pins Posts and Tweets". You can find it by clicking on the "Blog" link at the top right hand corner of each page on the site. Our latest posting: What is the P53 gene and why is it important?
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