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ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum

Powerful anti-aging serum promotes new epidermal skin cell production. Protects skin cell DNA. Prolongs skin cell life.

1 oz. (30 ml) Amber Glass Dropper Bottle


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ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum encourages new epidermal cell growth while protecting and prolonging the cell life of existing skin cells. Wrinkle depth is reduced, hyperpigmentation lightened, and collagen/elastin fibers become thicker and stronger. The ratio of older skin cells to younger skin cells is reversed. Skin looks visibly younger.

Elegantly formulated with fruit-derived Malus Domestica Fruit Stem Cell Extract, ProgeniDerm™ protects against chromosomal damage that signals skin cells to undergo apoptosis (cell death). Often this signal is sent prematurely due to free radical damage caused by UV light, smoke, stress, etc. With protection against this damage, existing skin cells live longer and more new cells are created.

The Malus Domestica Fruit Stem Cell Extract in ProgeniDerm™ restores aging skin stem cells’ regenerative properties. In-vitro and in-vivo testing showed that this new extract:

  • preserves longevity of skin stem cells
  • protects skin cells from UV damage and oxidative stress
  • signals and activates existing stem cells to create new epidermal skin cells
  • repairs DNA damage and prolongs existing cell life

The ultimate result: skin that regains its ability to repair itself and regenerate new skin cells within two weeks. Substantially greater numbers of new epithelial cells are formed. Enzymes are released that protect cells from damage that shorten the skin cell life cycle. The addition of chondrus crispus (red seaweed/algae extract) and palmitoyl oligopeptide in a hyaluronic acid base combine to make our ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell serum a powerful new tool against premature aging.

Note: Epidermal skin stem cell DNA/chromosomal protection is the newest, most exciting direction for anti-aging products currently. Cellular Skin Rx is proud to be able to provide a serum containing this cutting-edge, naturally-derived extract to our customers. Now that peptides are firmly established as helpful to the skin for relaxing, firming, and reducing inflammation, using naturally-derived fruit stem cell extracts to prevent damage at the most basic cellular level is taking skin care to a whole new realm. You will see more and more of this approach to maintaining a younger complexion moving forward -with Cellular Skin Rx proudly providing you with products that incorporate these new Active Ingredients That Work™.

After applying antioxidant serum of your choice, apply twice daily including eye area.

Malus Domestica Fruit Skin Stem Cell Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Palmitoyl Oligopetide, Oligopeptide-3

Other Ingredients
Chondrus Crispus Red Seaweed Extract, Purified Water, Xanthan gum, Glycerin, Lecithin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Combining with antioxidant serums such as C+ Firming serum or CSRx Antioxidant Complex yields best results.

Two weeks to gorgeous skin routine: Each morning use CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex then C+ Firming serum, follow with ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum, then any wrinkle-relaxers/firming products/moisturizers/sunscreen you regularly use. Each night use Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing serum or Ultra-Gentle Enzyme Surface Peel, then apply ProgeniDerm™ again. In just two weeks, you will see a visible difference in your skin tone, color, and texture.

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    ProgeniDerm is a must-have in my skincare routine. I have been using it off and on since Cellular Skin Rx started offering it, and I always come back! My skin feels firmer and fine lines are visibly reduced with regular use. One of the best skincare products I’ve ever used (and I’m a skincare junkie!).

  2. :

    I love this. All of Cellular Skin’s products are great, but this is my biggest “can’t do without.” The results are visible. I get compliments on my skin all the time. So worth it!

  3. :

    My skin texture is completely different after using ProgeniDerm. I am 42 and was starting to see little lines and just some general slack in my skin. I was really upset since I thought this doesn’t happen until much later. Anyway, the ProgeniDerm reversed the problems I was having and my skin looks firmer and poreless again. Thanks, CellularSkinRx!

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    My favorite Cellular Skin Rx product is ProgeniDerm Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum. My fine lines around my eye area are less visible, thanks.

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    My story on Cellular Skin Rx is this:

    In 2005 my family moved to Canada. We left all of our friends and relatives behind for a family adventure. Within the first few months I found Cellular Skin Rx on-line and began getting it shipped up from the US. The first time that we visited our friends, the ladies were all over me. “What are you using on your skin? You look years younger!” Being an honest person, I didn’t pass it off as moving to Canada, instead, I gave them the “magic potion” (ProgeniDerm) information. I have used it daily since then.

    Part two. This happened yesterday. We now live in South Carolina – yes – a major change. I was talking to the young man who did our landscape design and out of the blue he exclaimed, “you have the most beautiful skin and hair, I swear you are the healthiest lady I know!” Nice, eh?

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    I just wanted you to know, I received a sample of the ProgeniDerm with my last order. I love it. I have extremely sensitive skin but my skin actually seems to look healthier at night (normally it looks much better in the morning). My skin seems to be exfoliating a bit more but in a very discreet way not like with Retin A. Thanks for the samples.  I would try anything Cellular Skin Rx produces — I can’t imagine (and never want to imagine) my skin routine without your C+ Firming serum and the Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum.

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