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We have had several inquiries about purchasing larger sizes of our most popular products. Unfortunately, not all of our products can be offered in larger sizes but some can. We’re excited to be able to special order the following products for you with sizes and pricing attached. Generally, larger sizes are about 4x larger than regular sizing and are offered at a substantial discount.

  • CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex (4 oz, $148, $240 value )
  • Lifting Eye Serum (1.7 oz, $118, $151 value)
  • Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer (6 oz, $178, $396 value)
  • CSRx Retinol Peptide Resurfacing Complex (4 oz, $168, $260 value)

USE THE DROP DOWN MENUS ON EACH PRODUCT PAGE TO ORDER THE LARGE SIZE. Custom orders can take up to one week to process and ship. Please allow for extra time.

Or call 512-633-5223 or email your order to Info@CellularSkinRX.com with your phone number so we can call you back to process your order. Shipping is FREE on these orders.




Only 5 Left!
Ultra-Gentle Surface Peel is being discontinued due to low demand. Sorry, folks! We recommend every other night usage of our Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing serum to achieve similar results.

Special Order Only – Smooth Surface Instant Line-Filler
Currently there is one Smooth Surface Instant Line-Filler brush pen and 5 of the travel sizes available. Going forward we will be happy to special order this product for current users. You can still place your order online but it will show as a backorder. When we see your order, we will place a special order to get your order filled. Please allow extra time for shipping and delivery.
You’re so special now, Smooth Surface Instant Line-Filler »
New Products Coming Soon!
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