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LAST DAY TO SAVE 50%. NEW! CSRX Transforming Infusion TONER

Darlings! We have yet another Fab-U-lous way to get even MORE of that anti-aging miracle worker, Niacinamide, into your skin! For years it’s been retinol, retinol, retinol. And YES, retinol is great for your complexion, increasing cell turnover very nicely. But recently, the grand poo-bah scientists in their labs have discovered that NIACINAMIDE is the super-power of anti-aging ingredients. We’re in agreement! You’ll be seeing and hearing about it everywhere soon. If you haven’t already added CSRx Transforming Infusion, 10% Concentrate to your routine, here’s another way to get Niacinamide into your skin. Darlings, if you HAVE added it, consider this yet one more way to prep your skin for our elegant formulas and complexes while getting an extra dose of this anti-aging ingredient. In this case, more is really MORE.

Click HERE for more details about this luxe new toner.

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