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Look Great this Mother’s Day: Contouring Tips for Eyes from Bobbi Brown

We all want to look lovely on Mother’s Day. Here, Bobbi Brown, gives her best tips on emphasizing and resizing your eyes – the windows of the soul! Need to restore a firm, smooth look to your eye area? Try our popular new Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer. Need a quick fix that helps cosmetically AND is a treatment for wrinkles – Smooth Surface Instant Line-Filler is your best friend. It reflects light away from lines, blurs out wrinkles and crepiness while stimulating collagen development and plumping the skin. Intensive Eye Therapy Creme not only super-hydrates but also relaxes crow’s feet and other eye wrinkles. Use coupon code MOM20 at checkout to save 20% on these eye-opening products. (Ends midnight, Mother’s Day.)
Contouring Tips for Eyes

You can actually change the look of your eyes with makeup. While contouring is the biggest trend right now for cheeks, I prefer using the technique for eyes. With the right placement and shades, you can make eyes appear closer together, farther apart, bigger, and smaller. Here’s how:

  • To Make Eyes Look Bigger: Use a pale eyeshadow that is a couple of shades lighter than your eyelid. Apply the color from the lashline to just underneath the brow. Next, choose a soft shadow that is one shade darker and blend into your crease. For liner, draw a very thin line very close to the lashes all the way across the top lashline. To open up the eye even more, apply three coats of lengthening mascara.
  • To Make Eyes Look Smaller: Sweep a medium, matte shadow across the lower lid. Apply a darker shade across the crease. Line the top lashline with an eyeshadow shade that is in between the two colors. Then line the lower lashline with a soft shadow color that is several shades lighter than the top shadow color. Lining eyes all the way around is another way to make eyes look smaller.
  • To Make Eyes Look Farther Apart: A combination of winged liner and shadow will make eyes look wider than they really are. Start by applying a light shadow across the lower lid, then and out and beyond the eye to create a wing. Layer a deeper shade in the crease and then out to a tapered point. For more definition, apply a liquid liner pen all the way across the top lashline. To create a wing, extend the line out and up just beyond the outer corner. Use several coats of lengthening mascara.
  • To Make Eyes Look Closer Together: Apply a medium shadow across the crease and lower lid, adding more depth and color to the inner corners of the eye. Line across the top lashline going from a soft taper at the inner corner to a wider, thicker line at the outer corner. Finish with volumizing mascara.
  • To Bring Out Deep Set Eyes: Light matte and shimmery shadows will highlight the lids and help bring out the eye. Avoid dark shadows. Instead, apply one amazing pale color from the lashline to just above the crease. With a smudge brush apply the same color just below the lower lashline. Finish with a thick line of black liner and lengthening mascara.

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