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Let’s Celebrate! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th.

Dr Glow Girl here to wish all our Glow Moms out there the happiest of Mother’s Days! To help you celebrate, my lovely darlings, use Coupon Code MOM20 to save 20% on your entire purchase. Could there be anything better than giving yourself and your wonderful mother the gift of good skin? (Expires Sunday, May 10th, Mother’s Day at Midnight.)

And in honor of all mothers (Yes, even Dr Glow Girl has a mother who is wonderfully sophisticated and beautiful, glamorous and extremely well-loved), here are a few inspiring quotes to celebrate all who nurture, support, and unconditionally love the objects of their affection.


“Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My Mother.”    –Ann Taylor

“A mother is not a person to lean upon, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” –Dorothy Canfield Fisher

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” – George Eliot

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” – Oprah Winfrey

“To her whose heart is my heart’s quiet home,
To my first Love, my Mother, on whose knee
I learnt love-lore that is not troublesome.” –Christina Rossetti

Happy Mother’s Day to All! Enjoy your week!


Dr Glow Girl

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