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How to Get the Best Results with Our Products

Dr. Glow Girl here, darlings,

Just a quick note to make sure you’re getting the best results possible with our elegant, effectively-formulated products. No Glow Girl or Boy wants to buy a lovely product, full of hope and expectations of grand results, and then what – disappointment? No! Dr. Glow Girl simply won’t hear of this happening, especially when she knows each and every Cellular Skin Rx product will do exactly what it says it will do. So, here’s a few pointers for BEST results:

  1. Consistency is key.  Every Glow Girl and Boy must use each product consistently. There is no anti-aging overnight cure. That’s just hype. Most products need to be used at least once, if not twice each day for a minimum of 30 days to see results. Using a product off and on for a couple of weeks and then deciding it doesn’t work is an insult to your skin and to the science that goes into creating each product with Active Ingredients that Work™. Use each product as directed on a regular basis and you WILL see the results as promised. “Promise, cross my heart!” exclaims Dr. Glow Girl (and our Head Chemist.)
  2. Exfoliation improves penetration. Open those pores up and get them ready to receive lots of good stuff, darlings. Whether you choose to physically exfoliate with our CSRx Polishing Grains, a washcloth, or a cleansing brush or chemically exfoliate with our Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing seruml, it’s important to remove dead skin cells from the stratus corneum to allow the Active Ingredients that Work™ to reach their targets in your epidermis.
  3. Apply products in the proper order.
    With each order, Cellular Skin Rx includes not only a FREE Sample but also a small sheet of directions that has all of our products listed on it IN THE ORDER they should be used. We don’t want our Glow Girls and Boys to go blind from eye strain so we make it really simple – find the products you use and note which is progeniderm-age-limit-c-serum-promolisted after the other and voila, you are now a PhD in Applied Mathematics…okay, so you’re not, but at least you know what the correct application order for your cornucopia of age-erasing wonders is. Rule of Thumb: Exfoliation is always first. (See #2 above). Then serums generally will go on before creams. The most hydrating moisturizers will go on after less hydrating products. And don’t forget your sunscreen, Glow Girls and Boys! And a fashionable hat is always good and recommended by Dr. Glow Girl. Wraparound sunglasses a la Hollywood and all that are a good idea as well.

As always, wishing every Glow Girl and Boy the very best,

Dr. Glow Girl

P.S. Write me below in the Comments Section if you have questions or comments. I will reply ASAP!

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