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How to Fit into your Oscar Ceremony Dress at the Very Last Minute.

Hello, Darlings! Heard this one on Dr. Oz a few days ago. Sooo, maybe you have been invited to the Oscar Ceremonies and maybe you have found a dress, and SHOES, and accessories (Harry Winston lent you a few minor jewels) and you are perfectly ready to wow everyone on the red carpet (or at least in the seats around you), but then the horrible happens. You go to put on your oh-so-fitted, pour-me-into-it liquid satin strapless sheath and…and, and….the zipper simply will NOT go to the top. Panic ensues. No, the Spanx don’t work. What’s a lady to do?

Well, according to Dr. Oz, an Epsom Salt Bath is all it takes to lose a few inches (temporarily). Yes, those salts that come in the containers that look like milk containers are your saving grace. Who would ever have imagined? Add three cups to a hot bath, soak a while, remove thyself from said bath, and voila, the zipper WILL go to the top! Plus, you will be relaxed and have lowered your blood pressure. Thank you, Dr. Oz, says Meryl, Amy, and Jennifer.

More Oscar news coming soon…..how do Judi Dench, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren keep on looking sooo fabulous at 78, 64, and 68 years young respectively? I have a feeling sunscreen has something to do with it. But, Dr Glow Girl is going to do some research and get back to you this week with more inside information on the skincare regimens of these great actresses and others, too. Should be some fun, interesting reading. Until then…..peace and happy soaking!


Dr Glow Girl

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