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Great Value at a Great Price.

Hello, Glow Girls and Boys,

A lovely close friend sent me this quote and I thought I should share it with all of you.

“Price is what you pay … Value is what you get” — Warren Buffett

Now, we all know who the great Warren Buffet is, Investor Extraordinaire!

I don’t know if Warren Buffett uses skin care products but if he did (and this is his philosophy of making purchases), I know he would be thrilled with the value he would get from Cellular Skin Rx products. And our reasonable prices? He’d be over the moon, darlings!

In 2004 our founders started Cellular Skin Rx to supply Glow Girls and Boys everywhere with products that provided great value for the price. They were tired of department store prices, outlandish claims -and then to add insult to injury…the products didn’t work. Here we are today in 2014, darlings, and YES, our commitment to you has not changed one bit. We will always supply you with excellent formulations that do what they say they do…AND at a great price.

Thank you, Warren dear, for reminding Dr Glow Girl of how lovely it is to work for a company that provides excellent value for the price.

And, given that it’s the Holiday Season, may I suggest our best-selling vitamin C+ Firming serum, brand new Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer or our Great Skin in Four Weeks bundle as thoughtful gifts? Fresh Pout Lip Balm makes an excellent stocking stuffer, too!

Looking lovely and feeling lovelier,

Dr Glow Girl

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