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Great skin? Enhance it with correct make-up application.

Helpful Series: Ace Your Face (Pt. 1)

Miss Rainbow here, reporting for duty.

It’s tutorial time, yet again! We’ve talked lashes, we’ve talked brows, and now it’s all about the face. I’m not going to go on and on about how important a smooth canvas is, but suffice it to say””it is, so take care of your skin. Now, back to the makeup! I’m going to teach you a few insider tips and tricks so you’ll have the most fabulous face in all the land. Enough chit chat; let’s get started.

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup 11

First and foremost, start with a clean face (please excuse my no makeup face). After I wash my face, I always use toner. Biore Triple Action something or other. It’s inexpensive and works amazingly. It always gets off whatever make-up/dirt/oil that washing may have left behind.

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup Z209276 Contour3

Next, I make my signature cocktail.

No, this has nothing to do with weddings, alcohol, or cute little umbrellas. It’s a mixture of equal parts moisturizer, primer, and foundation and it’s my trade secret. I was planning on taking it with me to the grave, but since I love you all so much, I’ll have to find something else to take to the grave with me. Buff it with a brush, set it with powder, and I kid you not, it will not come off until you wash it off. Airbrush, Schmarebrush. Don’t have one, don’t use one, don’t need one. Here are the products in my cocktail (don’t tell, ”˜kay?):

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup Z20927601 cocktail

Good ol’ cheapo Cetaphil moisturizer, MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15, and what’s that in the middle? That, my friends, is Monistat Chafing Gel. Yes, you heard right. Here’s a little MUA insider information””Monistat Chafing Gel is the exact same formula as Smashbox Photofinish Primer, but at 1/5th of the price. You can thank me later.

I always apply my makeup with clean fingers. The heat from your hands really smooths it out and makes it a bajillion times easier to blend into your skin. Now, buff it with a brush and say it with me: airbrush schmarebush. To achieve a flawless airbrushed finish, without the airbrush, use this:

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup Dscn129 DSCN129

A DuoFiber, or “skunk brush” as some people so lovingly call it. MAC sells one for $42, Sephora sells one for $35, Sonia Kashuk sells one at Target for $13, and there’s a brand at Target called Studio Tools that sells a skunk brush for”¦ wait for it”¦ $6. I can’t vouch for Sephora or Sonia Kashuk, but I have one from MAC and two from Studio Tools, and they work exactly the same. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Target and snatch one up.

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup 21

Next, concealer. I don’t use concealer. On anyone. Ever. Instead, I use Studio Fix Fluid straight from the bottle as opposed to turning it into my foundation cocktail. On it’s own, Studio Fix is pigmented enough to be used at a concealer (which is why I blend it with other things, I don’t like full coverage foundation), and that way you don’t have to worry about matching colors or spending more money on another product. Just put a little bit on a sponge for under the eyes, or on a small brush for blemishes, and tap (don’t rub) it in, and there you have it! Foundation and concealer, one product, perfect match. To set your work of art, use this:

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup Muf Hd muf_hd_

Make Up For Ever HD Powder. It’s a total wonder product that give you a flawless finish without being “dry looking” like a lot of other powders. Bonus: it’s invisible. I’ve used it with success on all different skin tones. It’s made from 100% silica powder spheres and you can get it at Sephora for $30 for a .35 ounce jar. Yes, $30 for approximately one third of an ounce. You know just as well as I do that that’s ridiculous, and you know I’m not going to leave you hanging like that. As much as I love MUFE, you can get the exact same product (100% silica powder spheres) here. One whole ounce will cost you a whopping $4.

Ace Your Face (Pt. 1) :  wedding makeup 31

(Left: smooth and even, yet natural. Right: Not so much.)

Follow these steps to get a long-lasting flawless face. Seriously. It doesn’t budge.

Stick around for Ace You Face (pt 2) Contouring!


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