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Need help deciding which product to choose during our sale? Dr Glow Girl can help.

Dr. Glow Girl here! Need help deciding which lovely, oh-so-fabulous products to purchase during our Annual Holiday Sale? For your personal edification and entertainment pleasure, darlings, let me present to you some interesting “Did You Know” facts about the fabulous Cellular Skin Rx products we use everyday. You’ve probably forgotten some things about them and maybe never knew some others! Use this information to fine-tune your daily beautification skin care routines so you can get the very most out of every single product we offer. As always, write to moi in the Comments section below anytime! You know I love to hear from every one of you!c-serum-large

Our best-seller since 2004: vitamin C+ Firming Serum. Did you know that humans are the ONLY mammals that don’t make their own vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)? And did you know that L-ascorbic acid is required to be present in the skin or collagen cannot be produced? Food for thought, eh? Makes you want to slather yourself in vitamin C+ Firming serum NOW.

Retinol is the #1 dermatologist-recommended anti-aging ingredient as a necessary addition to any effective anti-aging skincare routine.  Choose our new Retinol Peptide Resurfacing Complex with a super generous 3% concentration of pure Retinol, encapsulated for liposomal time-delivery, this formula combines clinically-proven Matrixyl™ peptides, pure bioactive Vitamin A and a non-acid resurfacing Glucosamine sugar complex to firm and resurface skin without the irritation of most retinol products. What else? You can look forward to increased collagen and elastin production, enhanced skin barrier function, and a younger, smoother texture to your skin. If you can’t tolerate Retin-A, this formula with its high concentration of Retinol will deliver excellent results.

Firming Densifier Active Treatment Moisturizer is our newest organizational specialist – for your skin that is. Niacinamide, Red Algae extract, Mung Bean Sprout stem cells, Carob Seed extract and Sea Buckthorn Oil come together in a super-intensive firming, hydrating, super moisturizer active treatment serum potency cream. Aging skin is a chaotic mess. Fibroblasts, elastin, collagen molecules are strewn about like clothes in a teenager’s bedroom. Get your skin back to its youthful organized, firmed-up self with our newest peptides Rubixyl® and Matrixyl® Synthe®6. Gradually, skin is repaired and reorganized into a tighter, firmer stronger cellular matrix. Skin becomes smoother, more elastic, even contoured. Over about 28 days, volume (yes, volume) and density are increased.

age-limit-refinishing-serum-largeAge-Limit Advanced Refinishing serum is a 10% glycolic/lactic acid/arginine exfoliating serum. Did you know that Arginine is a great anti glycation ingredient as well as the ingredient that allows slow delivery of the acids into the skin so there’s little or no irritation experienced? Another interesting fact: Six months of nightly AGE-LIMIT use equals one 70% peel. Without the horrid effects of a one-time 70% peel. (Faints.)

Each one of these fabulous lovelies pictured below include oligo-peptides in their formulas (new Lifting Eye Serum, Intensive Eye Therapy Creme, SuperMax™ MultiPeptide Skin Solution Serum, CSRx Lip Remodeling Treatment, Fresh Pout Lip Balm, Firming Peptide Eye Creme). Did you know that Matrixyl 3000™ is the oligo-peptide we use most often and that it was developed to act as a replacement for Retin-A because tretinoin was too irritating for daily use? How do these engineered peptides work? They trick the skin into thinking it hasn’t made enough collagen so it will make more. Talk about persuasive ability!



And how about this? ProgeniDerm™ Anti-Senescence Skin Stem Cell Serum uses stem cell extract derived from Malus Domestica, a rare Swiss apple tree. Did you know if you cut the bark or a branch of this wondrous ancient tree, the tree will heal itself. If you cut into the apple fruit, the flesh will not brown (oxidize) – even after two months exposure to light and air. Now THAT’S some superior protection for your skin cell DNA. (You may stand and cheer now.)

And to wrap this up because you know, my Glow Girls and Boys, how I could go on and on about all the fabulous Cellular Skin Rx formulas. Nowadays, it seems to be big news when products provide BOTH cosmetic and treatment benefits. Dr Glow Girl is sweetly chuckling behind her hand and tweeting to her followers, “As if”. We’ve been doing that for years, haven’t we, darlings?

perfect-skin-emulsion-largePerfect Skin Line-Diffusing Emulsion and Smooth Surface Instant Line-Filler do double-duty daily. Perfect Skin firms, repairs and calms skin AND it transforms your au naturel bare face into a soft-focus lovely visage. Need your too thin BB cream or tinted moisturizer to do a bit more heavy lifting: add a few drops Perfect Skin to either and, voila, guess who’s ready for their best selfie ever? And while Smooth Surface Instant-Line Filler is busily reflecting light away from crow’s feet and lip lines, the tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and Dermaxyl™ (another Matrixyl™ relative – it’s a big family, darling!) are boosting the collagen needed to reduce those wrinkles to the faintest ever, finest possible, almost invisible, teeny-tiny lines that no one will ever notice.

Sorry, darlings! No large custom sizes are included in the holiday sale. Enjoy shopping my recommendations and all our wonderful products during this fabulous sale! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!

Glowingly as always and very truly yours,

Dr. Glow Girl

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