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Attention, Glow Girls! Survey results will be tabulated soon.

Hello, my lovelies, with your oh-so-lovely and informed opinions about all things important! The very fun results of our latest survey allowing you to pour your heart out about all things skin care and Cellular Skin Rx are about to be tabulated! Don’t let this chance to be an INFLUENCER (and you know you are!) pass you by. Glow Girls, don’t put it off any longer – tell us what you think. We NEED to know. (And pssst, there’s an easy five bucks in it for you, too. Let’s see – that means our luscious Calming BioLipid Repair Creme would be a measly $39. And just in time for those chilly Fall days when skin gets dry, dry, dry.)

Here’s the link to take you there. Thank you, Glow Girls!

Have a snuggly football Saturday evening!

Dr. Glow Girl

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