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Are you ready to dish about skincare, Glow Girls and Boys?

I am! Dr GlowGirl here to announce, ta-da!!!…..Our brand new FORUMS are open and ready for all you darlings to post and chat and give advice and get advice and just generally wear yourselves out talking about ALL things skincare!

Login to your regular account and get started letting everyone know which products are your personal faves and which skincare issues drive you bananas. Remember, we’re always harder on ourselves than we are on others. So, no, I don’t really see that brown spot you’re pointing out but do you see this little freckle here on my neck? Yes, Glow Girls and Boys you can post PHOTOS so everyone can see what you’re talking about.

These forums are all about YOU and Cellular Skin RX and having fun while we turn back the hands of time gracefully but not without some serious pluck and verve. So come on everyone! Head over to the Forums and dive right in. Let’s get this Forum party started!

(A little secret, darlings…..first posters will all be sent a $10 coupon so skedaddle from HERE and get over THERE.)

Lovingly, Always yours,

Dr GlowGirl

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