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New Blogpost! Patricia has stories to share.

Hello, Cellular Skin RX devotees!

Lately, I’ve been traveling a bit for different reasons and doing a lot of entertaining at home. These various events have had me reaching for different products to add to my regular routine. How and why? Let me dive right into the nitty-gritty of it. I’ll be brief so this won’t be fancy but hopefully you all will find it informative.

  • Altitude dries your skin out – I found myself at about 6000 feet for a few days and, wow…..I could literally feel the skin around my eyes and across my cheeks drawing up. When I checked myself in the mirror, I could see fine wrinkling around my eyes and across my cheeks. Let’s not even talk about my neck! My solutions? CSRx Stress Recovery Complex followed by a layer of Beauty Butter. Since it was so dry where I was, the Beauty Butter, which is quite thick, worked very well. If you find yourself at altitude where it’s humid, or just want a lighter weight solution, I think the Firming Densifier or BioLipid Repair Creme would work just fine to rehydrate the skin, too. I reached for the Stress Recovery Complex because I felt like my skin needed something soothing, something that would de-stress it. And it worked. I was quite glad to have had both of these on-hand.
  • Celebrations/Graduations can be stressful (even though these are happy occasions). I certainly had a grand time at my share of the above events but lack of regular sleep, changes in eating and drinking habits definitely were showing up on my face. Luckily, CSRx Antioxidant Defense Complex is a pro at handling all the free radicals formed from lousy eating and drinking habits and again, CSRx Stress Recovery Complex worked beautifully to de-stress and calm my tired complexion. No lasting harm done while many wonderful memories were created.
  • Flying. Oh, what can I say? We all know how stressful airplane travel is these days. IMO, the air on planes just seems…..not right. Not only is it drying but I always feel like my skin is a bit off – irritated, redder, blotchier – by the time I deplane. I have been trying to protect and defend BEFORE getting on the plane. So, I definitely load up on the Transforming Infusion concentrate, my C+ Firming serum and a good layer of Transforming Infusion Day Cream (coming soon) the morning of my flight. Plus, Beauty Butter on the neck, of course. Why so much niacinamide? For me, it balances my skin so the weird flying-related dry patches are held at bay while my slightly red and oily t-zone keeps under control. I do wash my face as soon as I arrive at my destination (Antioxidant Perfecting Cleanser) and yes, I reach for the Stress Recovery Complex to top off my regular routine. (My bottle is running low this month but OMG, I’m so glad for the stuff!)  If the dry patches start (especially around my mouth/chin), I add Beauty Butter as a night-time moisturizer. I often forget how Beauty Butter is a great mask but also a detoxer – so there’s a reminder, Glow Girls and Boys.
  • Here comes summer! And the heat and humidity, and the UV rays. I love warm weather! Grilling outside, having neighbors over, enjoying the long days, swimming when it’s hot – summer was made for me. I love spending time outside. But we all know that summer weather can really do a number on your skin. I definitely dial my moisturizer use back and switch to our lighter-weight products – Calming BioLipid Repair FLUID instead of the cream, Transforming Infusion Day Cream, or just my treasured Elta MD spf 41 if I don’t feel the need for more moisture. However, Beauty Butter still goes on the neck no matter what weather. (The neck requires a blog solely devoted to it…that will come later.) I keep my toners (Antioxidant Perfecting and Transforming Infusion) handy and use twice each day, and sometimes a third time if I’ve been sweating. Antioxidants are key with all the UV exposure I get just doing my daily thing so skipping my C and Antioxidant Defense Complex aren’t an option. During the warmer months, I’ll add more Age-Limit Refinishing serum use or do a Big Reveal Polishing Peel a couple of times each week. I definitely feel a greater need to exfoliate regularly to clear away the dead, dull stuff to keep my skin glowing and fresh-looking.

My bottom line is this: having beautiful skin requires diligence but when you have all the tools in your skincare toolkit to handle whatever skin-related curve ball gets thrown your way, you can stay on top of it – effortlessly.

I know that many of you are big C+ Firming serum fans and would never go without it. That’s terrific! Think about adding a few of our other lifesaving skincare super-heroes to your personal toolkit to keep your skin looking terrific – in every situation.

And remember, if you need personal attention, call me and we can talk about what skincare issues you’re having and how we can tweak your skincare routine so you can get and keep the complexion you’ve always wanted.

Warm Regards,


P.S. Reviews of your favorites are much appreciated – please think about leaving a comment or two when you’re on your favorite product page. And spread the word to friends and family, too. We’re grateful for your support!



2 thoughts on “New Blogpost! Patricia has stories to share.

  • Nancy J Andrich

    Hi Patricia===Loved your post. All good stuff and things all of us should know!!

    • Patricia

      Thanks so much, Nancy. It’s been a wacky four weeks for me with all the traveling and entertaining. I do have to say the Stress Recovery Complex as an add-on saved the day. I don’t reach it for it that often because I’m not particularly stressed but it saved my skin this past month. I think we will need to have a big sale on it so everyone can get a bottle added to their skincare emergency toolkit.


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